Wordpress Hide Post

version 1.0

Thank you for purchasing Wordpress Hide Post. We have prepared this detailed documentation for your comfy usage however please do not hesitate to contact us for any issues that you may encounter.

Wordpress Hide Post control the visibility of posts(fornt page,category page,tag page,author page,date archive,feed page,search result page and previous and next link) and pages(Fornt page , hide everywhere).

Wordpress Hide Post is designed to give maximum performance even on a minimum system configuration however the hardware configuration of the server, connection speed and physical location are significant factors which are affecting the performance. The minimum requirements are listed below:

In order to install plugin to your server log in to your WordPress administration panel and click on Plugins » Add New from left navigation. In the opening screen click on Upload Plugin and select xs-wordpress-hide-post.zip file from your computer, click on Install Now and wait for uploading. When it finishes click on Activate Plugin under Wordpress Hide Post in plugin listing page.

Wordpress Hide Post

You will see Wordpress Hide Post menu on left navigation when activation process completed.

Wordpress Hide Post

In order to deactivate the plugin log in to your WordPress administration panel and click on  Plugins » Installed Plugins from left navigation. Afterwards click on Deactivate link under Wordpress Hide Post plugin. You will see Wordpress Hide Post menu is disappeared when the deactivation process completed. You can also click on Delete link and completely remove the plugin from your server.